Khia Continues To Target Trina With Crude Remarks & Vicious Insults

Khia isn’t finished with Trina just yet, so she shared a video of herself calling out the Miami rapper once again.

The animosity between Khia and Trina has been longstanding. Why the two women have been at odds for so long is debatable, but what is known is the insults hurled from both parties have been sharp as fine blades.

Recently, Khia called out her foe by stating that she wanted to go head-to-head with Trina in a Verzuz battle. With the history between these two, it’s doubtful that Swizz Beatz and Timbaland will give them a platform, but it doesn’t make any difference; no matter how it happens, Khia declared that she wanted all the smoke.


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Trina had some choice words for #khia and anyone else that wants the smoke!

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Trina responded to Khia’s request on her radio show where she put her foot down and told listeners that she wasn’t going to shrink herself to compete against anyone who isn’t near her level. It didn’t take long for Khia to get wind of Trina’s reply, and she bit back with a vengeance

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“Now, I know you’re still mourning the death of your mammy, you’re still grieving,” Khia said of Trina’s late mother who passed away last year after a long battle with cancer. “So Imma let you have your little burst of confusion and let you slide when you act like you don’t know a b*tch. You ain’t gon’ address a b*tch, but you sat up there and talked about a b*tch for 30 goddamn minutes.”


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I guess Khia wasn’t feeling Trina turning down her battle request 😩

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Khia said that Trina was only acting upset because she doesn’t want to battle her. She called the Miami rapper a “flopping whore” and stated that no one is “checking for” her, either. “We can check the numbers and I run you each and every mothaf*ckin’ time. I swallowed you whole then, and I’m swallowing you whole now.”

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