Charli XCX Reveals Coronavirus Impact On Relationship

Boom Clap’ singer Charli XCX revealed her relationship has ”changed so much” because of the coronavirus pandemic as she’s grown closer to her boyfriend during quarantine.

Charli XCX’s relationship with her boyfriend has ”changed so much” during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 27-year-old singer and her partner Huck Kwong have grown even closer whilst on lockdown with people all over the globe being told to stay inside by their respective governments to stop the spread of the potentially fatal respiratory illness.

Charli admits her feelings for Huck have inspired many of the songs she has written whilst in isolation for her new album.

Speaking on ‘The Candy Shop’ on Apple Music, she said: ”I’m definitely focusing on right now. I would say the majority of this album will probably be about me and my boyfriend’s relationship, because that’s what I’m experiencing.

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”But that’s actually great because the narrative for us has changed so much because of quarantine. Pre-quarantine, there was a lot of physical but also emotional distance between us. And this quarantine time has really just brought us so close together. And that journey has been really interesting and has been something that probably wouldn’t have happened as quickly had this time not happened.”

Charli – whose upcoming fourth LP is expected next month – also opened up on how she’s coping during isolation, revealing she’s trying to have a ”small workout every day”.

The ‘Boom Clap’ hitmaker added: ”I try and move my body a little bit. If I’m able to go outside on some kind of a safe walk, obviously keeping away from anybody that I see, I do try and do that.

”I try and breathe fresh air. But yeah, moving my body really helps. And honestly, being creative really helps with my mental health and my positivity, and that’s why it was so important for me to create this album during this time.

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”I needed to feel like my brain was working on something that brings me joy and so that’s how I’ve been dealing with it.”

Like many people around the world, Charli is away from family and friends at the moment, but she’s making sure to stay in touch as much as she can.

She explained: ”I’ve also been FaceTiming friends, making sure that I’m speaking to my family when I can, because I feel like that can really bring you such a dose of joy, if that’s possible for you to do.

”So, that’s what I’ve been doing and it’s been working pretty good so far.”

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